Is Egypt a safe travel destination? 25/04/2019

Many travelers are asking themselves about the period of regime changes, uprisings, attacks and revolutions: is it safe to go on holiday in Egypt right now? The answer is yes, as long as you observe some travel warnings for Egypt(Read here more). On the coast of the Red Sea, but also in interesting cities such as Aswan and Cairo, the Arab country has experienced a real comeback since at least 2018. More and more tourists are coming back to enjoy the fascinating world of the pharaohs, the oriental markets and the tropical dive sites. More than eight years after the January 2011 revolution, the situation has calmed down significantly. Another advantage is that the prices for package holidays are currently still relatively cheap.

We've put together some background and information for you to answer your question "is it safe to vacation in Egypt right now?". To start well informed and relaxed on your vacation.