Hurghada Red Sea Egypt 18/03/2019

Hurghada is a coastal tourist city of the Arab Republic of Egypt on the Red Sea coast of the south-west, about 500 meters from Cairo. It is considered one of the largest tourist cities in Egypt and is very popular and admired by all people and tourists from all over the world. Its atmosphere is appropriate and mild throughout the year, especially in the first months of winter.

This city has a pleasant and mild climate all year round, making tourists always come to them, enjoying both fun and beauty.

  • Take the opportunity of underwater fishing and diving.
  •  Enjoy the world's largest water museum.
  • Camping with a wonderful atmosphere on the coast.
  • Golf is a favorite sport for many people.

 Hurghada is ranked third among the best diving areas and is the favorite place for all those who love the new and distinctive atmosphere all the time. They practice relaxation, relaxation and many hobbies and take advantage of the children's spaces, but they have a large selection of excellent hotels and wonderful Overlooking the Red Sea coast to enjoy the sunset and sunrise that reflect on the beach sands and seawater, you will see the fascinating effect that captures the soul.

Hurghada has a wide range of therapeutic resorts that help heal many skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and so on. Relaxation and massages are available for a fresh and exquisite skin by using the latest natural products. The walkway; the place that leads to the road to Soma Bay, an easy place filled with cannabis. Scaffold; the area containing health resorts to the north. Hurghada Beach and Brothers Islands: The ideal islands for enjoying diving with trained staff qualified to support you diving trip. Paragliding even for children aged five years.

The most important tourist areas in Hurghada

The city of Hurghada has many tourist attractions: the Sand Museum, the Gifton Islands, the Plateau, the Airport Road, El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh and others.

Jepton Island

The island of Jiftun is the first in terms of importance in the attractions of tourism as it is the only island allowed tourists to get off and is characterized by its location near the center of Hurghada and its soft sand and the surrounding sites of greenery worthy of visiting and includes the island of Jiftun 14 sites of the most beautiful diving sites in Hurghada, The diversity of natural resources starting from the soft sand and beautiful beaches has built a hotel and tourist resort called the name of Alhfton is one of the most famous hotels there.

Sinbad Aquapark

Sinbad Aquapark is one of the largest water games in Hurghada, where you can spend the whole day with the family to enjoy the water games without feeling bored from the place where there are a lot of fun games.

Sea World Hurghada

Sea World Hurghada is located in Makadi Bay, 30 km south of the city on the Red Sea.

The Sea World is one of the most important tourist destinations in Hurghada, which is the most prominent tourist list in Egypt in terms of number of visitors.

The Sea World was opened in Hurghada in 2010, and it took about six years to create the place.

Dolphin World Hurghada has been designed to meet all modern requirements to preserve marine life and make it an unforgettable place for visitors.

Sea World Hurghada offers many activities, such as swimming with dolphins, as well as some unique dolphins and sea lions.
Hurghada Aquarium

The Hurghada Grand Aquarium was opened in January 2015 and has a water reservoir of about 1 million gallons.

The Akararium, one of the most visited places of tourism in Hurghada, hosts 1,200 water animals belonging to nearly 100 species.

Hurghada Aquarium is the only aquarium in Hurghada that has been dedicated to the region for a larger view, as it includes a small zoo.

The Hurghada Aquarium includes 24 exhibits, including the Shark Tunnel, the Rainforest, and the Whale Valley, which is based on Western Desert excavations.

The Hurghada Aquarium includes 5-meter-long nurse sharks, fishfish and a green sea turtle.

Although the aquarium is currently the top tourist destination in Egypt, its development plans are continuing to become an integrated animal sanctuary.

Hurghada Sand Museum

The Sand Museum of Hurghada is located south of Hurghada in the Red Sea Governorate and is one of Egypt's most famous landmarks.

Although the idea of ​​the museum is not new, the Hurghada Museum is the first of its kind in North Africa and the Middle East.

The Sand Museum of Hurghada is the first in the world where statues were carved with two types of sand, yellow and white.

The museum has 42 statues made by 42 international sculptors, and the Sand Museum is one of the most famous tourist places in Hurghada.

El Gouna

El Gouna El Gouna is a resort resort located in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast. The resort dates back to 1990 when it was developed by OASCOM Hotels and Development Company as a major tourism project. It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Hurghada

The resort has two main beaches: Zaytouna Beach and Mangrove Beach. The resort has a large number of water years, with small stone bridges built for easy navigation.
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